Enjoy Coffee Anywhere, Anytime

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Make unique moments even more enjoyable.

Enjoy life with a delicious hot cup of coffee. Presso XI will ensure that coffee is always within reach.

Delicious hot coffee in the most beautiful locations.

No place is too crazy for Presso XI! By using a powerful battery and a compact design you can enjoy coffee at any location.

Now even suitable for Lungos.

We have increased the capacity from 80 ml to 110 ml. This is not only a huge increasement, but also gives the possibility of making lungos.

A bigger cup

Presso XI also comes with a larger cup. This makes it easier to enjoy a larger cup of coffee or, of course, enjoy it with two.

Suitable for all types of coffee.

Presso XI uses interchangeable adapters. This allows you to make coffee with both Nespresso capsules (or b-brands thereof) and ground coffee.

Heating Element.


Because the Presso XI uses a heating plate and temperature sensors, your coffee will always be prepared with the perfect temperature.

Enjoy up to 7 cups with our more durable battery.

Made for long days.

Compared to other battery operated coffee makers, the Presso XI will always be ready to brew a hot cup of coffee. This new innovative battery allows you to brew up to 7 espressos on a charge. Or for the big drinkers, 2 hot lungos pure flavor.

Global charging with USB-C.

The Presso XI can be charged with a USB cable. This way you can charge the Presso XI all over the world. The Presso XI is fully charged within 3 hours.

Keeps track of your battery with the indicator LEDs.

Why choose us?

Shipping & Returns

We ship the product within 1 day after it is purchased (this doesn't count for pre-orders). Orders within Europe & America have 7 days delivery time.

Warranty & Damage

We offer 2 years warranty on all our products. In case your product was delivered damaged please contact us.

Customer Service

We offer 2 years warranty on all our products. If your product was delivered damaged, please contact us.

The reviews
speak for themselves.

Awesome service!!

My Presso X did not pump the water anymore. I contacted them directly via the website and they responded immediately. When it became clear where the problem was, I had a new one within a week! Without hassle......

- Peter de Roeck

Good product

Great service and ditto product! Definitely worth it.

- Ronn Van den Hoogen

Nice machine!

Ordered for the summer as a mobile coffee maker for the boat. There the USB charging proved very practical. On one battery charge you can make 4 good cups of espresso with cold water, with hot water he saves even more. Especially the adapter for nespresso cups used, very easy. In short: highly recommended!

- Martijn Jonker

Innovative product!

Wonderful innovative product! Fast delivery and excellent customer service.The machine is perfect to take with you on long walks, or in winter when many cafes are closed.

- Daphne

Simple and effective

Arrived a day earlier than predicted. A solid espresso shot. Don't miss this opportunity to be mobile with this little weapon. A simple and effective tool. Compliments Caffe2go crew.

- Simon FM

Great Invention

What an invention, I normally use my Italian coffee pot to make coffee. What is also cool but the caffe2go is very luxurious and very easy and delicious. Really great.

- Teun Wijgman

A top product

What a top product, never expected such a handy little coffee maker to make such good coffee. Heats up quickly and if you put in hot water it goes no faster. In short: recommended for those who like good coffee!

- Olaf ter Braack

Choose your Presso

Take a look at the specifications below and choose the Presso that best suits your needs.


Amount of Espresso's

Amount of Lungo's

Heating Time




Presso X

80 ml

4 cups

0 cups

4 Minutes

22 x 6 cm

780 grams

18 Bar

Presso XI

110 ml

7 cups

2 cups

6,5 Minutes

24 x 6 cm

800 grams

18 Bar

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