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Everyone loves a cup of coffee in the morning, but what about in the evening? The espresso martini is a better alternative to a cup of coffee in the evening. I'll explain how to prepare a delicious Espresso Martini in less than 3 minutes, to impress both yourself and your friends.


  • Espresso 40 ml
  • Coffee liqueur 30 ml
  • Vodka 30 ml
  • Sugar syrup 5 ml
  • Coffee beans
  • Ice / crushed ice


  • Shaker
  • Love for coffee and alcohol

espresso Martini
Preparation method:

1. Prepare a cup of espresso 

2. Shake the espresso, coffee liqueur, vodka, sugar syrup and ice in a shaker

3. Pour the mix into a special Martini glass

4. Garnish the mix with 3 coffee beans

5. Enjoy the delicious Espresso Martini

Interested in history?

In 1983 a lady entered the Freds Club in London. She was looking for a special drink that she described in English as "Something that wakes me up and then fucks me up". Dick Bradsell (Cocktail Legend) saw some coffee beans roaming the bar and immediately knew what to do. The option to use vodka was also self-evident as it was the most drunk at the time. He then added some sweetness to this, and so the Espresso Martini was born.

Make a real impression? Check out these tips!

Tip 1. Hold a sieve above the glass before pouring the mix into the Martini glass, this will give the drink a wonderfully perfect foam layer.

Tip 2. Use a freshly brewed espresso and let it cool down before you add it to the shaker. This ensures a better taste and because you let it cool down, the ice in the shaker doesn't melt immediately.

Tip 3. Cool the Martini glass in advance. You can do this by briefly putting it in the freezer. Or by letting it cool down beforehand with some ice cubes.

Tip 4. The drink does not have to be shaken too hard in the shaker, if you do this, then a dirty foam will form in your mix. And you don't want that.

What do you think?

What do you think of the Espresso Martini? Is it a miracle. Or may it remain in history.

Anyway, let me know by leaving a comment.

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