Handpresso vs PortoPresso

While traveling it is possible to bring coffee in a thermos jug.

However, many people do not settle for the limp and not really hot coffee from a thermos. For these people there is a good solution: A coffee maker for in the car!

In this article we present the two best 12 volt in-car coffeemakers.

We are going to compare them on the following points:

  • Types of coffee
  • Convenience
  • Performance
  • Specs
  • Price quality ratio

Types of coffee

The PortoPresso uses Nespresso capsules or B-brands. These capsules are made of aluminum which allows the coffee to retain its aromas for longer. Apart from that, these capsules are recyclable, not bad for the environment. If you choose for the capsules of the Nespresso brand, the capsules are reasonably pricey.

koffiezetapparaat voor in de auto

The Handpresso uses E.S.E pads. The E.S.E pad stands for Easy Serving Espresso. This pad consists of 7 grams of ground coffee compressed between two filter papers. The purpose of these E.S.E pads is to prepare the best espresso.

koffiezetapparaat voor in de auto

Which coffeemaker makes better coffee depends on your own preference.

If you like a pure strong taste, and the espresso is your favorite drink, then the PortoPresso might be the better choice for you. Are you someone who likes lighter softer coffee? Then the Handpresso is the better choice.


The device should of course be convenient and easy to use.

Both coffeemakers are small and easy to use, if you follow the manual carefully.

However, the PortoPresso does offer an addition to this. The PortoPresso comes with an extra cup that connects perfectly to the machine. This is especially useful if you are going to travel. Of course, you want to take as little as possible with you in a device that is as small as possible. 

koffiezetapparaat voor in de auto

If you choose for the Handpresso kit, 2 glasses will also be included. These, however, come in an extra case around the Handpresso. This is not always easy to take with you, as this case takes up more space.

koffiezetapparaat voor in de auto

The Handpresso kit also comes with a cloth, in case your coffee spills.

Furthermore, we have noticed that something can go wrong when using the PortoPresso if you do not follow the manual properly. The PortoPresso has a hole where the steam can come out. If you don't fill the water up to the indicated point, a little boiling water may come out. So be careful when filling the PortoPresso with water.


Both coffeemakers offer the best performance in the in-car coffeemaker market. They both heat up the water in about 2 minutes, which is very fast considering the electricity consumption. And actually squeezing the coffee takes about 15 seconds with both machines. Both coffeemakers use 16 bar pump pressure, so here they are also on a line.


Here are some remarkable differences. Like the weight. The PortoPresso itself weighs 600 grams. If you include all the extras that come with the PortoPresso, you'll end up with about a kilo and a half. The Handpresso itself weighs about 900 grams, and when you add all the extras to this, it also weighs a kilo and a half. Note that the PortoPresso comes with an extra inverter! This will ensure that you can also connect the PortoPresso to a power outlet.

koffiezetapparaat voor in de auto

The water tank is of course not large on both devices, because the device itself must remain as small as possible. The Handpresso has a water tank with a capacity of 50 ml, while the PortoPresso has a capacity of no less than 80 ml!
This can be an important point for when, for example, you like to drink lungos or other large coffee drinks.

There is also a small difference in the size of the device. The Handpresso is about 22 cm high and has a diameter of 7.5 cm. The PortoPresso, on the other hand, is 24 cm high and has a diameter of 7.5 cm. It doesn't make much difference, but the Handpresso is smaller.

Price quality ratio

An important question is: 'Which device gives my money more value?

Let's first look at what you get for what price. The PortoPresso is sold for €99.95. This device comes with a cup that connects exactly to the device, and an extra inverter so that you can also connect the PortoPresso to a power outlet. The Handpresso, on the other hand, costs € 150.00. This device comes with 2 strong glasses and a cloth. You can choose to order an extra inverter here. This costs € 49.50 extra. If you want the same possibilities as the PortoPresso, this will cost you € 199.50.


As the PortoPresso is our own product, we are not going to choose a winner.
You'll have to decide for yourself whether you prefer Senseo pads or Nespresso capsules.
And if you'd rather use the Senseo pads, whether you're willing to pay € 100 extra for this. Maybe you don't need an inverter, then the Handpresso would be € 50,00 cheaper, which might make this choice easier for you.

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