Brewing coffee in the car with a 12 volt coffee machine

You've probably never heard of it, a coffee maker that works on 12 volts, the 'PortoPresso' Let me introduce it to you.

This month we launched a small coffee maker on the Dutch coffee market.

This device is so compact and handy, that from now on you can even drink coffee in the car!

A car coffee maker, but how does that work?

It works quite simple, and fast too! Unlike all other coffee makers, the PortoPresso uses a 12-volt cable. This cable is easy to connect to the cigarette lighters that are found in most cars today. Next you fill the PortoPresso with water and a Nespresso capsule of your choice (or B-mark of this). One push on the button and this 12 volt coffee maker will prepare a delicious hot cup of coffee for you.

12 volt coffee maker

Can I use this to make coffee outside the car?

Yes, you can! The PortoPresso comes with an extra adapter. This adapter will ensure that you can easily connect your 12-volt coffee maker to an electrical outlet. This is useful in case you're going to spend the night in a hotel or camping. The PortoPresso will ensure that you'll never have to spend another day without a cup of coffee.

What's in the PortoPresso bag?

  • Polyester pouch
  • 12 volt coffee maker
  • Additional adapter
  • Cup (this fits perfectly with the device)
12 volt coffee maker

To always be able to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, you won't have to take anything more with you than the bag of your 12 volt coffee maker and a few Nespresso capsules (these capsules also fit easily in the same bag).


With a diameter of 7.5 cm and a height of 23 cm, the PortoPresso is a small coffee maker. This machine itself weighs 600 grams and is therefore not a heavy burden. If you want to take the adapter with you that weighs a total of about one and a half pounds.

12 volt coffee maker

How to clean a 12 volt coffee maker in the car?

Like most coffee makers, this device can be used several times before cleaning is required. When the PortoPresso has been used several times you will need to briefly rinse the filter. Make sure there are no coffee residues between the filter and ready! It's not more than that.

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