Best Nespresso Cups (2021)

Nespresso has a very wide range of espresso cups and types of coffee. It can indeed be very difficult to choose a good coffee when you have more than 30 types of coffee capsules to choose from! That is why we have listed the tastiest Espresso cups for you.

Ispirazione genova livanto

As the name suggests, the Ispirazione Genova Livanto is a coffee with roots in the Italian city of Genova or Genoa. This city was a trading city where a lot of coffee was traded.

The coffee is roasted lighter than other typical Italian coffees, giving it a softer taste and less bitter on the tongue.

The coffee beans in the Ispirazione Genova Livanto are mainly South American Arabica beans and in the coffee you can perceive notes of cocoa and spices while the aftertaste is very creamy and caramel-like.

This coffee is a very good choice for people who may not like the bitterness of coffee very much but still like to drink a cup. A perfect coffee to drink on the way to work!

Ispirazione Firenze arpeggio

A second very tasty coffee inspired by Italian coffees is this Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio. Firenze has long been known as one of the first cities where cafes and coffee bars took a big place in society.

This coffee was inspired by the fact that Florence was the beating heart of Italy for a long time. Florence was a true center of Italy, not only politically but also culturally.

The coffee therefore has notes of cocoa from the south, but is also very fruity like the coffees from the north of Italy. This coffee can be served as an espresso or a Nespresso Lungo.

The Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio consists mainly of South American Arabica beans and is both bitter and sweet and has a very intense aftertaste. This coffee is also very tasty for camping or during your commute to work.

Ispirazione Palermo Kazaar

Palermo! The capital of the Italian Mafia. This coffee is therefore criminally delicious. Palermo is historically a multicultural city in Sicily. Nespresso therefore tried to bring together this multicultural history of Palermo in this Palermo Kazaar.

This strong coffee is not for the faint of heart and consists mainly of Robusta beans mixed with South American Arabica beans. In this way, the Palermo Kazaar combines the strong African coffee with the Arabic coffee. The Palermo Kazaar is therefore not a Nespresso Lungo for the faint of heart. He is very strong and has undertones of black pepper.

If you want to wake up quickly, this Palermo Kazaar is highly recommended. So you can drink it very well when you go hiking and camping or on days when you just need that extra boost at work.

Ispirazione Roma

How can we forget Rome when we talk about tasty coffee inspired by the coffee that was historically served in Italian cities? These Nespresso capsules are perfect for people who just fancy a coffee but don't want anything crazy or interesting - just a coffee is good.

Designed by Nespresso experts, this coffee is the lightest and the shortest roasted, making it less bitter. However, this does mean that it is a bit more fruity and above all a bit more acidic than the other coffees in this blog.

The flavors in the Ispirazione Roma are especially very woody and very grainy. This Nespresso Lungo is the perfect coffee when you feel like a traditional Italian espresso at the campsite or on the road!

Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano

Although the ristretto is not for everyone, this is of course a very typical Italian coffee.This coffee blend is inspired by the typical coffee culture of Italy.

Nespresso tried to shape the Italian Ristretto not only to improve it but also to keep the principles and history of the Ristretto.

For the Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano, Arabica beans were roasted very quickly so that the beans bound their fruitiness without becoming too sour. This also means that the Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano is very fruity with a full body.

As you already know, a ristretto is of course very strong, making the ristretto suitable as a morning coffee to wake up or in the afternoon when you need a little boost of energy.


Are you looking for a good coffee to drink with milk? Then the Corto capsule might be for you. The Corto coffee has been formulated by Nespresso Experts to create the perfect coffee that you can drink with a dash of milk.

Corto is a Spanish style coffee (Cortado) where the coffee beans are roasted for a long time to bring out the flavor more. Just because the coffee has been roasted for so long, the coffee is very black.

In terms of taste, the Corto is a very intense and strong coffee that is fairly bitter. You can taste that it has been roasted for a long time and offers a very rich aftertaste when you add a dash of milk to your coffee.

You can drink a Corto with your favorite type of milk – both cow's milk and vegetable milk. If you like to add a dash of milk to your coffee from your coffee machine, you can take some milk with you in a metal drinking bottle.

Volluto Decaffeinato

Not everyone is a big fan of the effects of caffeine. The Volluto Decaffinato was invented for this. This deca coffee has a very balanced taste, which means that it can be drunk by many people and is often recommended by Nespresso Experts for people who have just purchased a Nespresso machine.

The Volluto Decaffeinato is a Nespresso Lungo that largely consists of Brazilian Arabica beans. This deca coffee is very sweet with a rounded taste and a creamy aftertaste.

The Volluto Decaffeinato is a perfect coffee to drink in the evening at the campsite or during your hike by the campfire before going to sleep.


This coffee, inspired by the flavors of the South Asian subcontinent, is a very spicy coffee that goes well with some milk. This coffee has a very intense taste and is a mixture between robusta and arabica beans. In this way, the coffee is not only fruity but retains its bitterness.

The Robusta beans in this coffee are called Robusta Monsoon and are very unique because they are grown in monsoon areas in India. Due to these monsoons, the coffee bush receives a lot of water and the beans grow very well. The strong winds that blow during the monsoon rains give the beans a more woody, spicy taste when roasted and roasted.


Are you a sweet little mouth? Then you should definitely try the Chiaro. This tasty coffee from the Barista Creations line recently released by Nespresso and actively promoted by Nespresso Experts is very sweet and has an aftertaste reminiscent of caramel and biscuits. The Chiaro can be enjoyed with milk and sugar or – if you prefer your coffee a bit stronger, black.

The Chiaro is not bitter at all and not sour, which can be very nice for novice coffee drinkers. The Chiaro can be perfectly prepared as a cappuccino, but if you want to add some milk to your coffee on the go, you can take your milk with you in a handy drinking bottle.

Cocoa Truffle

Another good coffee for those with a sweet tooth is the Cocoa Truffle coffee from Nespresso.As the name suggests, this Nespresso Lungo has a chocolate taste. You can also discover notes of caramel and sweet malt in this coffee.

When making the Cocoa Truffle, Nespresso took a lot of inspiration from the creamy tasty chocolate truffles that we are so fond of in the low countries. As a basis, high-quality South American arabica beans are used, to which cocoa flavor is added. If you are not convinced, you can always ask the Nespresso Experts in the store to taste it.

This coffee can be drunk well with sugar and milk and is very tasty for those cold evenings during your trip or hike, or for winter mornings on the train to work.


Nespresso has an extensive range of espresso cups and thus has something for every coffee lover: whether you want to drink a deca before going to sleep or have a coffee together during your winter hike.

What do you think?

Which of these Nespresso capsules do you like best? Or if you haven't tried them yet, which one do you like best?

Anyway, let me know by leaving a comment.

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