The most original coffee gift for the coffee lover

Let me guess, you're looking for the best and most original coffee gift out there, but can't find anything else than a boring coffee package or gift card. I can tell you, you've come to the right place!

Introducing the Presso X. The only portable coffee machine on the market with a battery that can easily be taken with you on any journey. And then you can start asking yourself a lot of questions, such as what kind of coffee goes in that Presso X, what does it weigh and how many cups can I make with it?

I will deal with all these questions in this article, so read on (but not if you want to arrive with a boring gift of course).

Origineel koffie cadeau

Whether you're going on a road trip, going camping or if you simply can't live without coffee for a moment, the Presso X is perfect. This travel coffee maker makes coffee with Nespresso capsules, but for enthusiasts, an interchangeable adapter is also included. By using the adapter you can also make coffee with ground coffee.

The battery of the Presso X is good for about 5 cups of hot coffee, yes, you read that correctly, the coffee is hot!

Using a heating steel plate on the top of the unit, the water is heated to the perfect temperature.

orgineel koffie cadeau

And now you can also ask yourself: can I only make an espresso with this? Or is a lungo also possible? This is possible with the Presso X. By using a lungo capsule (a cup with a larger volume), it is possible to brew a delicious lungo with the Presso X. For this, the water tank must be filled and heated twice.

Comes with

This travel coffee maker comes with 2 interchangeable adapters, one for Nespresso capsules and one for ground coffee. The device also comes with a USB adapter + suitable USB cable. And an extra spoon especially for the ground coffee.


The Presso X weighs approximately 800 grams, so it is not a heavy burden to carry. The device is 22 cm high with a diameter of 6 cm, so the device will always be easy to take with you.
The content of the water tank is good for about 80 ml, but it is possible to use larger cups of coffee as I had just explained. The heating time is 4-5 minutes for a cup of coffee at the perfect temperature. And for the real coffee professionals among us, there is a pump pressure of 18 bar behind the Presso X.

Not convinced yet? Be sure to watch this video 😊

Or do you want to see how easy it is to make a delicious cup of coffee with the Presso X?
Watch this video!

I hope to have informed you enough about the Presso X, and I wish you or the favorable one a lot of enjoyment from the most original coffee gift.

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