PortoPresso small coffee maker

We are hereby launching our newest product, the PortoPresso! Whether you're on the road by car, train or bicycle, the PortoPresso will always prepare a delicious cup of coffee for you at any time of the day.
Not only on the road, but also on the camping site. serve as a camping coffee maker! Because the PortoPresso is a small coffee maker, it can easily be carried in any travel bag. The PortoPresso has a diameter of 7.5 cm, a height of 23 cm and weighs 600 grams. So no heavy burden!

What makes the PortoPresso different from the other models?

We have made other major improvements compared to the previous models.
It is not always easy to get hot water in the car or at the campsite. The PortoPresso offers the perfect solution for this! The PortoPresso is equipped with a steel heating plate. This means you have a small coffee maker and kettle in one, which can also be carried in the carrying bag! To complete it, a cup is attached to the PortoPresso, it fits right at the bottom to save even more space!

But that's not all. It was also not possible with previous generations to connect devices to a power supply in the car. Well, the PortoPresso has a 12 volt cable that can be easily connected in the car. If you would like to connect the PortoPresso to a normal wall socket, this is also possible. The device comes with an extra adapter, which of course fits into any socket in Europe.klein koffiezetapparaat

With the PortoPresso, much more attention has been paid to both the design and the quality of the device. This so that you can enjoy the best travel experience with a cup of coffee.

Which capsules does the PortoPresso work with?

The PortoPresso works on Nespresso capsules. Not only because we think this is the best and purest coffee capsules, but also because it is better for the environment. The Nespresso capsules are made of aluminum which can be recycled. Aluminum is also known for keeping the coffee fresh the longest for when you're on the go, and this material will also retain the wonderful aromas well. In addition, they are the smallest capsules on the market, and therefore increasingly better for when you travel.

How do I use the PortoPresso?

Using the PortoPresso is easy and you will master it right away!

This travel coffee machine consists of two parts, the part where the water goes in, and the part where the Nespresso capsules have to be placed. First, put the capsule in the holder located at the bottom of the device. Then you put water in the top part of the device. Connect to an accessible power source, turn it on, and from there the PortoPresso will do all the work! You will have to wait about 2 minutes for the water to get to the perfect temperature. The PortoPresso will beep when the built-in sensor measures that the water is at the best temperature, then you can click the coffee button!
The device will now prepare a delicious cup of coffee for you in less than 30 seconds.

Where can I use my PortoPresso?

You can use this device wherever a power outlet or a 12-volt car charger is available.

Klein koffiezetapparaat


Dimensions: The PortoPesso has a diameter of 7.5 cm and a height of 23 cm
Coffee format: Works on Nespresso cups and B brands thereof
Preparation time: 1.5 minutes
Pump pressure: 15 bar

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