Why the PortoPresso is the perfect travel espresso maker

This month we were proud to introduce our new product to the coffee market, the PortoPresso.

Let's first briefly explain to you what this product actually means. The PortoPresso is a coffee maker that meets all the requirements to make coffee easily while travelling or on the road. Its size makes it one of the smallest coffee makers in the world! It also comes with a cup that fits perfectly with the device. This means you don't have to take anything more with you than your PortoPresso and a number of Nespresso capsules to make coffee.

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What distinguishes the PortoPresso?

Now there are several travel coffee makers on the coffee market such as Wacaco's NanoPresso.

Nevertheless, the PortoPresso stands out from all these devices. The other travel coffee makers can make coffee, but they cannot make "hot" coffee. And when you're on the road or traveling, hot water is hard to obtain. And let's face it, who likes a cold, limp cup of coffee?

The PortoPresso has a heating plate and a number of sensors that will ensure that your coffee heats up to the perfect temperature. To do this, the PortoPresso must be connected to a power supply. And here, too, the PortoPresso makes a difference. You can connect this device not only to a normal power outlet, but also to a 12-volt plug! For many, this will be better known as the cigarette lighter found in most cars.travel coffee maker

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Not only the device itself, but also the capsules are perfect for a tour.

This device uses Nespresso capsules (and b brands). As you may have noticed the Nespresso cups are made of aluminum. This material ensures that your coffee retains its aromas extra well, so you can only enjoy a delicious cup of coffee longer after purchase!

And that's not the only thing that makes these capsules extra handy. They are also very small. Compare them to the capsules of Dolce Gusto for example. You could say that this is half the size!

Save your money!

Many of you will probably wonder: how can a coffee maker like this be good for my wallet? Well imagine how many times you sat in the car and longed for a nice cup of coffee. For all these times you would have to make a stop at a gas station or cafe for an expensive cup of coffee. Now you don't have to. By using the PortoPresso you can easily make a cup of coffee in the car and save up to 70% of these costs! Imagine how much this can be per year!

How long does it take to heat up?

Nobody likes to wait long, especially in the morning. Now the PortoPresso does use 12 volts but even then you can enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee in the early morning within 2 minutes!

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How to clean the PortoPresso?

Now you can probably imagine yourself on the road and making a cup of coffee with the PortoPresso. And then you can think of yourself, isn't cleaning this device going to cause a lot of hassle along the way? Well no... not really. If there's a tap nearby, you can flush the capsule cabin for a short while. But what if you want to make several cups of coffee along the way. You don't have to clean the entire PortoPresso thoroughly. We recommend that you keep this under the tap for a short time every 5 cups of coffee.

How does the coffee taste?

Then the important question. How does the coffee from a 12-volt coffee maker taste? Since this is our own product, we will not be too salty about it. But you could compare it with what is served in a good cafe.

Maybe you have tasted espresso from one of Nespresso's coffee machines before, the coffee from this machine can also be compared to that. Especially for the espresso lovers among us this is a perfect travel coffee machine. But also for the normal coffee drinker this is certainly a handy gadget!

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