Presso X

Drink hot coffee anywhere, anytime.


14-day money-back guarantee

Shipped within 1 working day

2 year warranty


    - Battery: 4-5 Hot cups

    - Capacity: 80 ml

    - Measurements: 22 x 6 cm

    - Heating time: 4 minutes

    - Coffee type: Nespresso capsules & ground coffee

    - Weight: 780 grams

    - Pressure: 18 bars

With a compact design and the use of a battery, you can always easily take the Presso X with you. Whether you're traveling, camping or on a road trip, the Presso X will always provide you with a deliciously hot cup of coffee.

Because the Presso X uses a heating plate to heat up the water by itself, so your coffee will always be prepared with the perfect temperature.

The Presso X can be charged with a USB cable. This allows you to charge the Presso X anywhere in the world. The Presso X is fully charged within 3 hours.

With the Presso X you never have to buy a weak cup of coffee again. Thanks to a pump pressure of 18 bar, you can brew a powerful espresso with a pure taste at any time.


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