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How to brew coffee you travel 2021

You know the situation, you're in a campground or staying overnight in a hotel. It's a beautiful morning, the morning you've been longing for for a long time. Only something is missing, the thing that makes that beautiful morning just perfect. A freshly brewed cup of coffee on a beautiful morning. But unfortunately there is no coffee maker nearby. You are in luck because we have found several solutions for the travelers among us.

We are going to cover for you how you can still drink coffee in different ways while you are traveling. We will also tell you a secret of what not to do if you want to drink great coffee while traveling.

The Water
We will have to start at the beginning. A large part of coffee consists of water so a lot of attention will have to go into this as well. Do not underestimate how important water is in brewing a perfect cup. Because a large part of coffee consists of water, it is important that you perform this step as perfectly as possible!

To start with the quality of the water
You would think simple right? Just get a little water from the tap and you're done. NO unless you are sure that the water from the tap in the place you are visiting is fresh. There are plenty of countries in the world that do not offer cleaned water from the tap like they do in the Netherlands. In that case, we recommend purchasing a bottle of water from a local store.

Temperature of the water
We recommend that you keep the water between 92 and 96 degrees.
When the temperature is between 86 and 89 degrees, bitter substances remain in the coffee and most coffee lovers prefer not to have that. Is the water too hot? Then we recommend you transfer the coffee to a metal pitcher, which will cause the coffee to drop about 6 degrees.

Brew in a historic way
This is a way of brewing coffee that campers used to use a lot in the past.

You simply fill a metal jug or pan with water and then place it on a grate over the fire. Then you pour a desired amount of ground coffee into the metal pan or jug and wait 5 to 10 minutes. Then you're done and have brewed a fresh cup of coffee in a truly historic way!

journey coffee maker

With our Presso X
We sell the perfect solution for those people who like to drink coffee while away from home. Simply put, the Presso X is a travel coffee maker that allows you to brew hot coffee wherever and whenever you want. This device is as small and light as you can imagine. As a result, it fits in any travel bag or suitcase!
travel coffee maker

It works simply you put a Nespresso capsule (or b-brand of it) in the cupholder. Then you turn the device over and add water to the water cabin. Once you have done this you simply click the start button. Now you will have to wait for 4 minutes before the water is at a perfect temperature. And when it is, you will hear a beep and the coffee light will come on.

A freshly brewed cup of coffee in a matter of 2 minutes. And that whenever and wherever you want!
Through a vacuum pot
We think this is a creative and unusual method for brewing coffee and you're soon going to find out why. With this method, you cause water to mist and therefore mix with ground coffee. This entire process takes place in two pots stacked on top of each other. This method takes a lot of time and we definitely do not recommend it, because it creates a lot of mess and it will take some time to master this art! The result doesn't taste very good either, we can only recommend this if you have an afternoon of nothing to do. Or if you like to show that you can make coffee in the craziest ways.

With a filter
There are many types of filters that work well once for making coffee while traveling. These filters are simple to use but do require ground coffee beans. You hold the filter over the mug and then pour the ground coffee into this. After this, you pour hot water into the filter so that no dirty bitter particles get into the coffee.
Travel coffee maker

Disadvantages of these filters are that they have a very short lifespan and they do not always filter all the residue perfectly so you can encounter bitter particles in the coffee.
What not to do
Most coffee lovers among us have their favorite coffee mug at home that they want to use for every freshly brewed cup of coffee they brew. If you travel, this is a no-go!

The mugs are probably heavy and you definitely don't want to keep that with you all day. Also, the walls of the mug are most likely not made of heat retaining material so your coffee could get cold quickly.

Please refer to our portable coffee maker the Presso X.
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